Raising the profile of the hazardous area specialists

BARTEC is a global leader in safety and protection for hazardous areas. Wherever explosive substances, such as flammable gases, vapours, mists or dusts are processed, special expertise is required. After all, no two hazardous areas are the same.

How does a brand continue to evolve while remaining unique?

Rapid change in the industry, the expansion of international market environments and a general increase in security requirements have led BARTEC to shift to a business model with an increased focus on the customer and solutions, as well as digital products.

This process of change is accompanied by the task of defining a clear market strategy, ensuring internal and external identification with the brand and thereby contributing to BARTEC’s long-term success.

Brand architecture

Integration of individual brands into one common, strong umbrella brand.


Design principles

The geometric and precise design of the logo conveys a technical impression with a strong and self-confident look. The key visual is the visual representation of the pursuit of excellence.

Brand colours

Brand typography – Akkurat Pro


Layout principles

The generous use of images, combined with a high proportion of white space, and a high-contrast use of font sizes on a clearly structured page determine the layout.

Design manual

The manual provides clear design rules to establish and develop a consistent and successful brand.

»The development of a strong brand is also a decisive asset particularly for private equity owners. In our case, executed in an exemplary manner!«

Dr. Martin U. Schefter, Chief Executive Officer BARTEC

»Different rules apply in explosion protection than elsewhere. What is always true is that a strong brand also generates significant advantages in a B2B context and with products that require a great deal of explanation.«

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alex Buck, Senior Partner Whybrand


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