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Game changing –
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First Sensor is one of the world’s leading suppliers within the field of sensor technology. The company develops and manufactures both standard and customised sensor solutions for ever growing markets industrial, medical and mobility.

How can you unite numerous individual brands into one strong, single brand that stands out in a dynamic market?

Following a strategic brand positioning process that had embraced a concept of “Tailored Technology” we developed a corporate identity that reflected First Sensor’s customer specific approach. The brand’s appearance now communicates both excellence and innovation through a technological look of high-quality that clearly distinguishes the brand from its international competitors.

We continue to provide extensive support across a variety of brand communication, design and strategic tasks.


The brand colours

The brand book

The annual report

Since 2014 we have been developing the guiding ideas for all of First Sensor’s financial communication as well as the visual appearance and imagery of its annual reports.

Print media

Implementation of a uniform appearance across all brand communication media.


Take up a position: Communicating clear brand positioning to responsible personnel, both externally and internally.

»During the development and implementation of the brand identity we had personally met with employees, customers, business partners and investors of First Sensor so that we could directly interact with the brand and its multiple facets.«

Friederike Biegel, Managing Partner

»Through a diversity of communicative measures the brand has continued to both grow and evolve and has developed its own unmistakable character – we are very excited about the future.«

Raimond Radtke, Creative Director


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