New clarity and structure for a traditional brand

The independent private bank M.M.Warburg & CO is a full-service bank that provides high-quality banking services for demanding private clients, corporate customers and institutional investors. The Warburg Group also includes other renowned banks, investment companies and subsidiaries.

How must the brand of a traditional banking house evolve for the future?

The heritage and character of the brand were the starting point for a process of sensitive modernisation, with stringency and clarity as the objective. As part of this process, the brand architecture was restructured, cross-media design principles were developed and a high-quality design created.

Brand architecture

Unification of individually run brands
to form a strong banking group with a clear identity.


Design principles

The design principles are to convey the typical brand characteristics in line with general central creative themes. They serve as a basis for creative and communicative decision-making.

Layout principles

Clear hierarchies, well-balanced proportions and a generous distribution of space convey a functional elegance. High user-friendliness always takes priority over decoration.

Design Manual

Overarching guidelines and straightforward rules on implementing the design.

»We defined the evolution of the Hanseatic brand M.M.Warburg together with the bank in an iterative brand process. Alongside clarity, sustainability and concision, the challenge lay in preserving the modest elegance of the brand and making this consistently perceptible.«

Friederike Biegel, Managing Partner

»The new image communicates what the company has achieved in the past whilst looking to the future. The W forms the central element of all logos as this has long characterised and shaped the private bank’s image. It unites the company’s various entities and at the same time ensures continuity in how it is perceived from outside.«

Jan Aulbach, Senior Design Consultant



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