MAN Truck & Bus

A power brand in motion

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Its products range from trucks, buses and coaches to diesel and gas engines.

How to create a viable branding system for one of Germany’s most prestigious brands?

We advise MAN on the strategic reorganisation of its brand architecture and develop a new brand system for all MAN communication. This system is an ideal setting for the revised MAN image world. It supports the striking and expressive brand communication and can be implemented flexibly and easily by everyone.




Systematic adjustment of the MAN corporate design

»The new visual brand concept was derived from the equation: New brand architecture plus new brand image together with an evaluation of the touchpoints.«

Dr Christian Kosfeld, Managing Partner

»The new layout system from MAN is highly flexible and greatly simplifies the design while creating a memorable stage for individual brand messages.«

Raimond Radtke, Creative Director


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