Riva di Morcote

An art dealer with Italian flair

Riva di Morcote Fine Arts is based in both Lugano and Berlin and specialises in contemporary art from German speaking regions. Notable works by artists such as Baselitz, Kiefer, Polke, Richter or Uecker have been successfully negotiated through its dealerships.

How can a brand that breaks with the conventions of its sector be created?

The deep blue of Lake Lugano and the timeless elegance of Italian vermouth labels both inspired the design of the brand as well as offered a fitting tribute to Morcote, where the brand had originally been founded. A postcard of Morcote from 1904 acts as a key visual that combined with a classic typewriter font represents heritage. A combination of high quality paper paired with an oversized word mark, embossed in copper coloured foil, further create a visual identity that contrasts classical elements with unconventional ideas.



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