We are witnessing a tremendous rise in the amount and diversity of data exchanges with brands. The assimilation of data towards an integrated closed- loop system will increasingly provide the ability to generate holistic consumer and market understanding. But understanding alone isn't sufficient. Passionate strategist is aiming for the utmost when transforming identities, sharper, decided, cristal clear, whenever needed or warm, familiar and cosy. Depending on the task and the strategic set up.

Our Task

Atnahs/Pharmanovia – the original medicines specialist backed by PE investor Triton Partners – asked us to help them build a brand supporting their strategic vision: To become a committed, progressive global specialty pharma business and a preferred partner for innovator pharma companies.


Founded in 2013, the company has grown from a small family business operating solely in the UK to a global specialty pharma business. This transformation process required a fundamental review of the brand’s market positioning, brand awareness, associations, and reputation – to gain a holistic customer, stakeholder and market understanding. Essential for aligning business strategy with future brand strategy.


A new brand emerges

The rebrand represents the next step for Pharmanovia building on the strong acquisitions track record, but also growing through in-licensing and product development. The process involved the launch of a new name “Pharmanovia” and a new visual brand identity. Entering unexplored areas – bringing connotations of progress and innovation, while retaining authenticity.

Friederike Biegel<br><br><span>Managing Partner<br>Whybrand</span>

"Due to the pandemic situation, the project layout was entirely virtual. From assimilation of data sources to the generation of high-profile global stakeholder insights to a multi-stage branding process. Continuous open dialogue, consistency and strategic rigor made this project a big success. Thank you to the teams at Pharmanovia and Triton Partners for this great project."

Friederike Biegel

Managing Partner

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