Franconia x 80 countries
Wöhner Industries

Founded in the early 20th century and successfully led into the future, Wöhner Industries is today the roof for 4 complementary industrial companies that operate successfully in over 80 countries. More than 100 patents testify to the innovative strength of these companies.

Our Task

We took up the challenge and developed a brand design that gives each company its individual place within the overall framework and, at the same time, gives the holding company a coherent overall image. This overall image is characterized by the appropriate restraint and reflects the innovative attitude of the company.

Four companies - one imagery

In order to be able to present the different and specialized companies individually and at the same time create a coherent overall image, we have developed an overarching visual language. While keeping the abstraction of the motifs constant, we differentiate via colored light, which quotes the respective corporate colors.


A design system for small and very large applications

In addition to the usual print and digital applications, the design also had to prove itself in the livery of the company's aircraft. After a long process and with the collaboration of specialists, we were able to implement the design on the aircraft. With success - no landing at an airport goes by without many admiring glances.

BENJAMIN KLÖCK<br><span>Managing Partner<br>Whybrand</span>

“Creating a design that reflects the company and brand is always complex. Creating the design for a holding company that does not outshine its subsidiaries but creates a powerful image of its own is probably even more complex. We did it with listening, concentration and fun, a fantastic team and the trust of our client.”

Managing Partner

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