Today, brands are expected to consider the needs of all relevant stakeholders and, furthermore, be active participants in key societal issues, rather than passive bystanders. They must display values and intentions, take positions, and show authenticity to be relevant. That’s why we get to the bottom of things, challenge, and question. Our objective is thereby to help create a seamless experience of holistic, honest, and meaningful relations between brand and market, client and their clients, and the other numerous stakeholders.

Our Task

Leuze, the family-owned sensor expert for automation technology, has been creating innovations and technological milestones in industrial automation for more than 50 years. For international growth, it was imperative to sharpen the brand profile, brand presence, and brand communication across all touchpoints, closely interlinking marketing and sales activities with customer needs.

Heike Garbaa<br><span>Director Corporate Marketing<br>Leuze</span>

“We shape the world of tomorrow and make innovations a reality. That’s what drives us, ‘the Sensor People.’ We work together as an organization with curiosity and determination. Whybrand is working closely by our side, supporting us in all brand-related matters. For a seamless experience – globally.”

Heike Garbaa
Director Corporate Marketing

The Leuze Experience World

Expanding communication, presentation, and sales channels is a competitive edge. With the Leuze Experience World we have created a highly successful addition to the existing communication channels, a combination of a virtual platform, and a physical experience space at the headquarters in Owen. Offering employees, partners, and customers a platform for the brand as well as a key sales channel for new products, services, and solutions. Independent of trade fairs, close to stakeholder needs and (virtually) globally accessible.

Transforming Identity

The industry is constantly evolving and so is Leuze. The visually strong, highly modular new Leuze brand is able to meet needs across creative, strategy, and digital. All work is designed with a purpose-driven attitude, guided by four principles: We put people first, we create clarity, we create movement, and we set strong marks.

Alex Libotte<br><span>Creative Director<br>Whybrand</span>

“The understanding of and identification with the Leuze brand is fueled by the clarity and consistency of the brand experience. We offer a flexible framework for shaping the brand globally, empowering headquarters and country organizations to further strengthen the brand; engaging in dialogue with employees, customers, and stakeholders.”

Alex Libotte
Creative Director

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