In order to achieve genuine client experiences during the next decade, brand presence must be ubiquitous across all channels, and undoubtedly expanded on immersive spaces and facilitate programmatic digital strategies. Despite that, so-called classical experiences have to be supported as well, the holistic brand experience, whatever it might be, is key to meaningful relations that enables fruitful dialogs and businesses. We create these experiences. Consistent in its message and surprising in its staging. With a strong brand idea, design, and content that inspires for the long term.

Our Task

Wöhner, an innovation leader and B2B power brand in the electrical engineering industry, asked us to support the launch of a new product: the presentation of a groundbreaking technical innovation. Without an industrial fair but 100% digital.


Multiple Channels – One Message

We developed a streaming platform with multifaceted contributions for the presentation of the product innovation. The launch was accompanied by a personalized digital campaign and followed up with individual meetings of interested participants by the sales team. With success!

Isabel Ossenberg<br><span>Director Marketing<br>Wöhner</span>

“In partnership with Whybrand, we created a communication strategy based on a digital experience platform. Under the motto Level4, everything is about an entirely new form of how we interact with our clients. In this way, we enhance our marketing efforts by an exciting new dimension.”

Isabel Ossenberg
Director Marketing

Dr. Christian Kosfeld<br><span>Managing Partner<br>Whybrand</span>

“Getting people excited about complex solutions – an exciting task that we had the pleasure of implementing together with our long-term client, Wöhner.”

Dr. Christian Kosfeld
Managing Partner

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