RYZE Digital

The answer to increasing and complex customer requirements are 360-degree solutions that cover all the necessary competencies. As an agency network of three experienced partners (MPM, Electronic Minds and VRM Digital Communications), RYZE DIGITAL combines its strengths to create integrated solutions for its customers.

Our Task

Derived from "to rise," the name RYZE Digital stands for the agency promise to expand its customers' digital business and thus contribute significantly to their success. Besides the name, Whybrand was assigned with the brand strategy and brand development of the new agency holding.


To grow in an agile environment, you need scalability. Our solution: a modular design system in which elements can be combined and restructured, added or removed.


Endless Possibilities

In combination with clear and concise basic elements, this results in endless possibilities. Matching RYZE Digital's challenges, the result is a progressive, unseen brand appearance.

PETER NEUMANN<br><span>Managing Director<br>RYZE Digital</span>

“Digitization must be used sensibly and experienced efficiently at all touchpoints. RYZE Digital can do just this. Our brand identity plays on the versatility of our digital and communications offering while embodying our value proposition: to be holistic, powerful and effective.”

Managing Director
RYZE Digital

PHILIPP MANN<br><span>CEO and Shareholder<br>RYZE Digital</span>

“By combining our strengths and areas of expertise, new service offerings are created, we can grow together, create synergies and design even more effective solutions for our customers in the future. Whybrand supported us in partnership during the brand development of our new holding brand. The team's vast experience and their commitment to creative excellence was paramount to our collaboration.”

CEO and Shareholder
RYZE Digital

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