The innovative, patented wobble ring pump from Pumpsystems changes the picture of what an industrial pump should be able to do today: more gentle handling of highly viscous, viscous or viscous media as well as media containing solids, extremely flexible in use, easier and faster to maintain. Due to few moving parts in the pump chamber, the pump is particularly energy-efficient.

Our Task

The Start-Up asked us to help them take what they had – a novel technology for a pump – and shape it into a brand that supports the company's strategic vision: To challenge the market with disruptive technologies and new forms of distribution.

Maximum flexibility for a strong brand

Pumpsystems is a specialist manufacturer of particularly powerful and efficient pumps that work with the special technology of the wobble ring. These are characterized by the particularly gentle pumping of viscous media. The thick liquid managed to become part of the design and characterizes the company's appearance with its distinctive Key Visual. In addition, the appearance is supported by the progressive color code and the modern visual language.


A brand awakens

The redesigned company headquarters, all print materials and, last but not least, the innovative website with various scroll-magics bring the brand to full life. New product categories are already being planned and will once again prove the potential of the disruptive technology.

Holger Schulte<br><span>Managing Director<br>Pumpsystems</span>

“Our new brand reflects exactly what we have developed together with Whybrand in the brand strategy for Pumpsystems: Innovation, Ambition and Partnership – that's what we are all about and what you can feel when you meet Pumpsystems. A big compliment to Whybrand for the groundbreaking and precise work on our brand.”

Holger Schulte
Managing Director

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